How To Perfectly Cook Fish on the Barbeque?

Everybody around the world love to enjoy barbeque and with literally thousands of parks, beaches and specialized camping grounds throughout the world, so  we can make best use of these resources? People are cooking fish and seafood on the barbeque more often than ever making it much more of a entertainment in their lives. Barbequing sounds great for bringing out the best flavours that fish has to offer so cleaning the barbeque, or planning that trip to the park are wonderful and then, we can start enjoying.


First we must clean the grill or the hotplate thoroughly as we don’t want our freshly cooked fish contaminated with remains from the last barbeque adventure ruining the flavour, plus the fish will stick if the surface is not clean. The other reason for fish sticking is that the grill or hotplate is not hot enough! You need to get the barbeque hot enough to not only produce that familiar sizzling sound, but to continue to do so during the whole cooking process.

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