Caribbean Hot Sauces – Integral Flavors for Caribbean Cooking

Throughout the Caribbe, Caribbean hot sauces is a extreme popular and famous name. Making from hot chiles, they are found on every table, coming in a huge variety of flavours and styles.


Jamaicans especially love their hot sauces, and most will either make their own hot sauce to be used for the table, or buy any of the great numbers of bottled sauces found in Jamaican groceries. One popular sauce found in many Jamaican homes is pawpaw pepper sauce. It is a simple, sweet, and very hot sauce used to flavor chicken, pork, or beef. Pawpaw is a coarse sauce made of papaya finely ground carrots, habanero peppers (Scotch bonnets), and chayote. The mixture is boiled with water, vinegar, and brown sugar before being jarred.


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