A Barbecue In The Garden

Who does not dream of sitting in the garden during summer or on the terrace and simply feels good? A barbecue with friends is a real pleasure for everyone.

To become a master in making a barbecue, and to make a sensational party you should first think of what type of grill would best fit your needs and what accessories you need for the party.
Grill. The grills come in great varieties. Crucial for the right choice is how often will you grill and for how many guests, if your grill is removable or not, if it works with charcoal, gas or electricity and how much money you want to invest.

Charcoal Grill – is available in different sizes and shapes, from very simple small round grill surface for cooking to these with round form and cover that look more like an oven. They are also diverse in form and quality. Particularly suitable for larger pieces are charcoal briquettes because they create long lasting and even glowing embers.
Always wait for the charcoal to stop producing flames before you put what you are going to bake. This will avoid burning the meat, which is harmful for the health.
Bilka advices you to be careful for your safety: Make sure that the grill is put stable on the surface.
Always use the barbeque outdoors and never under any kind of sheds or alike.
For the ignition use only the designated funds and never alcohol because it can lead to explosion.
Watch for your children to be at a sufficient distance from the hot grill.
Place a bucket of water near the grill.

Gas Grill – it makes the cooking much easier, because it heats up to a constant temperature and does not emit odors or smoke. The effect of hot stone grills is similar, because they evolve many hours a constant temperature. You can also choose a grill fireplace for the garden. Grill fire would be a very beautiful thing in your garden and can be built from clay and cement, concrete or other material. Generally it is not recommended to put the fireplace grill directly on the grass, because a weight of 300 – 600 kg can easily sink deeper in the soil. So first build a small foundation. In prefabricated buildings individual elements are connected according to the instructions, for binding sites is used a special glue or tile, gaps can also be plastered up with a spatula or filled with glue. Various accessories such as grill for coal ash box, set skewers and more, give you the opportunity to experiment and add your own style.
If you feel confused and do not know what to choose for your garden, you can always ask the consultants in Bilka stores and be sure that they will give you the information you need and you will have the best advice.

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