Barbecue and Its Goodness

Barbecue is a type of cooking which is considered the safest as you can cook meat in low flame without using flattening elements such as oil or ghee. Barbecue is a cooking way which uses coating of sauce. This sauce is made up of apple, strawberry, raspberry, honey and mustard which is a sweetening element to the meat. If you choose the spicy sauce, you get the hot and sour coating on it.


It drives home the rustic feeling and is often cooked outdoor during family gatherings. The same form of cooking is brought to the restaurants so that food lovers can savour it even in a city. There are plenty of hotels which are getting more health conscious and resorting to this tasty and low calorie way of cooking. Meat lovers would love the taste of a grilled stuff as it gets yummier with the crispy crust coating on top. Not to leave out the veggies, you too have loads of options to choose from. Layers of paneer, capsicum and tomatoes when grilled make up for a good grilled stuff. These are dipped in a spicy and tangy sauce to enrich its flavour. They may be marinated and then cooked in a low flame to make the luscious grilled vegetarian stuff.

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