Great Gifts For Pipe Smokers

Pipe smokers are an entirely different breed of smokers. Unlike those that smoke cigarettes, pipe smokers tend to have strong tastes. And unlike those that consume other types of tobacco, they seem to be quite easy to buy for. If you want to find a great gift for a pipe-smoking friend or loved one this holiday season, you can give yourself a bit of help by looking for gifts related to their hobby. Two great gifts as an aromatic pipe tobacco sampler and a new pipe. Both are typically useful, well-received gifts that can light up the face of a recipient during the holidays.

An aromatic pipe tobacco sampler is perhaps the easiest gift to give during the holidays. Buying a sampler is a sure way to help a friend find a new brand to smoke, and it is a great way to keep the overall price of the gift down. Many samplers are available for relatively low prices, and most can be purchased from a neighborhood tobacco store. These samplers may come from major brands or local manufacturers, but they tend to have such a wide range of flavors that almost any smoker can find something that he or she can enjoy. As a bonus, you can find out what type of tobacco your friend enjoys most to make sure that you know what to get him or her for the next special occasion.

Buying a pipe can also be a great idea, though it may be a bit harder. Some smokers are rather attached to a single pipe, and they may rarely use anything else. However, a new pipe is usually a well-received gesture. You can buy a pipe that is meant to replace an old pipe, a pipe that can serve as an alternate, or even a pipe that is used simple for display. Many smokers tend to like to have extra pipes on hand for situations during which others are present, and you can always buy a friend an extra pipe if he or she is the type of person that tends to have others over to smoke.

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Saving money on great food with classic chicken stock, demi glace, and other gourmet sauces

Some of us are lucky enough to have professional culinary training. Then again, maybe luck is not really a factor. Good culinary schools are grueling. Anyone who knows a trained chef has probably heard the stories about how hard it is to make it through, and getting started in a professional kitchen is even harder. It can be a nightmare. It’s not for everyone. But you don’t have to go quite that far to make some really good meals at home. There are many reasons for learning some new cooking skills, including health factors, financial factors, and even some social factors. Here are a few things to consider when you want to make some great meals at home while you have fun and save some money.

Most cooks and chefs seem to agree that fresh ingredients are the key to good dishes. A few professional chefs have even confessed that they do not have to really do much to make a meal great when the ingredients are of the highest quality. They just let the ingredients speak for themselves. When it comes to buying foods and ingredients, it really is worth it to try to buy from local, privately owned businesses when you can. This is especially true with produce. Farmers’ markets are popping up all over the place, and they are making it easier than ever to buy great, fresh produce at low prices. It may be easier to go out at 2am to an all-night grocery store chain, but some of them can be pretty pricey, especially if you are trying to get organic produce. If you can find a family green grocer who is a regular at a local flee market, farmer’s market, or market district store, it’s a good idea to become pals. Family owned produce businesses tend to provide great fruits and vegetables at really good prices. Once you get to know the owners, they usually give even better deals, especially if you tend to buy a lot at a time. While you are at it, it’s not a bad idea to ask for advice on cooking the things you buy, and just on cooking in general. Many of these grocers have been in business for decades, talking with customers and exchanging ideas and recipes. They usually have some great recipes and advice for making everything from seasoned squash to a great chicken stock.

Another thing that you can do to take your cooking to the next level is to check out the gourmet sauces available on some websites. You can get everything, from hot sauce to barbeque sauce to the perfect demi glace sauce, bottled and ready to go, and usually at a reasonable price. These sound like they would be easy enough to make yourself, but they are usually not. Sauces usually have a lot to them, beyond the basic ingredients. Many chefs say it takes them years to really perfect certain sauces. It’s really easy to mess up a sauce, but the ones that are done right can really make a dish. You can make an average chicken breast, brisket, fish fillet, or vegetarian dish taste like something from a five star restaurant with the right sauce. It’s worth it to check out some of the sites, experiment, and see which sauces work best with your cooking patterns.

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Great Sauces Always Start With Roux

Great sauces can save a badly cooked piece of chicken. However, a bad sauce will ruin the best cooked meal. Being able to consistently create flavorful and smooth sauces is one of the best skills to have in the home kitchen.


When you can make a variety of sauces, you multiply the number of meals you can create. A grilled chicken breast is an entirely different dish with a white cheese sauce over it than a dark Cajun spicy sauce. It’s still a chicken breast, but now it’s two different meals.

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