Big Green Egg Smoker BBQ

In the world of smoker grills, no one holds a candle to the Big Green Egg. Maybe you have heard of it, or maybe you even own one? If so, you know that the Green Egg smoker is unparalleled in its capabilities to consistently cook at temperatures such as 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can even cook pizza in it! But you can do a lot more too. Let’s focus on the benefits of using the grill as smoker throughout this article, because that is one of the things that people love so much about this product.

In using the Green Egg smoker, you will want to keep the temperatures in the range of 200 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you will need to use smoldering wood to achieve that taste and texture and essence that is a smoked meat. Because the Green Egg Grill is enforced by its amazing ceramic kamado style walls, you can maintain a low temperature like this without really having to watch over the thing for hours at a time. Just get the temp where it should be and it’ll hold itself there. (You won’t get this with other grills.)

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