Barbecue Tools For Grilling

There are a lot of barbecue tools utilized by both and amateur professional grillers to cook a wide variety of meats, vegetables and seafood over live coal properly. These specialized tools are often sold in sets, and it is utterly important to know what each tool does and how they shoud be used before you consider buying and using them on your grilling escapade.

Metal spatulas are important barbecue tools, most particularly when it comes to grilling burger patties, large fish or delicate meat cuts and seafood. The spatulas are made of stainless steel and have holes or indentions on its pan, which will grip the meat partly and allow you to flip them easily.

Many spatulas have wooden or thermoplastic grips or handles,so that the grillers hands are protected from getting burned. It is rather difficult for the griller to work without using a metal spatula.

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Grilling With Microgreens

Savvy grillers know that organizing the ideal meal on the barbecue is all about the ingredients. From the seasoning, to the caliber of the beef, to the topping or side dish if everything is of high quality, then the zest will explode even more. This summer, more grillers than ever (some in the backyard, some in five star restaurants) turned to the power of microgreens to adorn their recipes.

Dubbed one of 2008’s kitchen buzzwords by National Public Radio, micro greens are a favorite food trend. Used by cooks to energize and enhance the dining experience, microgreens infuse flavor and originality to their culinary creations.
And Since then, professional and newcomer chefs alike have been uncovering new and creative ways to implement these tasty greens into their deluxe cuisine you can try here. If you are just now discovering micro greens, here are some dishes to help you fit these amazing greens into foods you cook frequently.

Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad is a preferred food for countless reasons. It is nutritious, tasty, and simple to create. But if you ever discover yourself wanting a workable complement for lettuce, look at a tasty mix of micro or petite greens. Give your juicy chicken a deserving bed of greens upon which to lay with a microgreen mix. This blend will not replace the lettuce of your salad, but rather complement it with bold flavors and a gentle, bouncy crunch. Your dinner party visitors will all want to know why your grilled chicken salad is so much superior to theirs will you let them know your secret ingredient?

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Grilling Techniques

First of all I would read the owner’s manual that came with the grill. Each grill is different. I have found over the years that is the first thing to do when buying a new appliance. It will give you lots of helpful hints and tips for working with your particular model.

Some people make the mistake of cooking everything on high and your manual should address this. Some things have to be cooked on high but I checked out the temperature of my grill with an oven thermometer and here is what I discovered:

Low is about 350 or so degrees
Medium is about 400 to 500
High is about 550 to 600 or 700 degrees.

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