Grilling Hamburgers Expertise

Grilling hamburgers, 1 of my earliest backyard grilling memories. Our Loved ones would get together, generally on the weekends, and have a hamburger and ice cream supper as we say here in Texas. I can fondly remember sitting on top of the old ice cream freezer although my Dad, Uncles and Granddad took turns at spinning the old hand crank attached to the water soaked wooden ice bucket.

Nowadays, the hoodless grill would resemble a throw away selection you’d take to the beach, but then we had been in tall cotton and in for some delicious consuming. The ice cream could be flavored most of the time having a can of crushed pineapple. Or, just maybe, someone would have given us some fresh ripe peaches to mash and toss into the vanilla ice cream mixture.

Cooking out then was a real massive treat for the entire family, constantly having a lot of laughter, running and playing.

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