Electronic Cigarettes Save Smoker?s Sanity …and Lungs!

It seemed just like yesterday that smoking cigarettes was so commonplace. It seemed as though no matter where you went, you’d encounter a smoker, and people around the smoker seemed to tolerate the cigarette smoking, even if they weren’t overjoyed by it. Of course years have passed and now traditional tobacco cigarette smoking is pretty tightly regulated and it’s hard to smoke anywhere that you want to. However, many smokers found a way to be able to continue smoking, and amazingly, the substitute that stepped in for tobacco cigarettes is actually healthier, smells better, and can be used almost anywhere.

Electronic cigarettes have saved not only the sanity of many people, but also the lungs of smokers everywhere. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes, are quickly becoming the most popular answer to many smoker’s concerns and questions. When the government began regulating cigarette smoking with increasing fervor, electronic cigarettes began to soar into popularity since people were able to continue getting their nicotine fixes without actually lighting up. Electronic cigarettes look and feel just like a traditional cigarette, but yet they don’t put off any smoke and they’re much safer than tobacco cigarettes. They’re comprised of the mouthpiece which holds a small atomizer that takes whatever the smoker considers the best e-juice and turning it into a vapor that the smoker inhales. The ‘best e-juice’ is infused with nicotine and also whatever flavor the individual thinks makes it the best e-juice, so this is how smokers get their nicotine dose. Smokers can even choose electronic cigarettes in varying nicotine strengths; with the best e-juice coming with different levels of nicotine, and it can even be bought without any nicotine at all. Obviously electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain the extra chemicals and carcinogens, and smoke isn’t actually being inhaled to the lungs. People surrounding electronic cigarette smokers don’t have to worry about harmful second hand smoke either.

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