Sauces and Marinades – My 3 Favorite Barbeque Recipes

Summer time is here and it is time to get out your grill, fire up the briquettes, dust off your apron, and get out in the sunshine. Lazy summer days are just made to get together with friends and family (or people you just want to make jealous with your barbequing skills) and savor the tastes and smells of a charcoal grill. And with so much barbequing going on, it’s no surprise that so many outdoor cooks find themselves on a never-ending quest for the perfect barbeque recipe that will dazzle their friends and family (and nosey neighbors!) each summer.

While most professional (or dedicated amateur) BBQers insist that the flavor of real barbeque is all in the rub and the fire, the easiest ways to add a ton of flavor to your barbeque recipes is with marinades and sauces. These can vary so hugely in flavor and ingredients that it can be hard to recognize them as the same thing! Read on for a few of my favorite barbeque sauce and barbeque marinade recipes.

Easy BBQ Sauce

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