Pickapeppa Sauce: A Famous Caribbean Sauce

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Pickapeppa sauce is one of the many hot sauces available in the Caribbean island which are very popular allover the Caribbean. In Caribbean almost in every table you will find a hot sauce all of which are different in styles & flavors. Among all these sauces the pickapeppa sauce is a very famous one. This sauce is sweet & very hot which is used to flavor chicken, beef, pork etc. There are many pickapeppa sauces available. Each has its own flavor & characteristic. These sauces are kept in oak barrels for a time period of minimum one year in order to ensure that the taste is perfect. These sauces contain all the finest ingredients & spices available all around the world. Pickapeppa sauce is a mixture of tomatoes, sugar, onions, vinegar, mangoes etc. There are many sauces all around the Caribbean in the making of which the pickapeppa sauce is used. One such sauce is the red devil pepper sauce. This sauce is very red in color & is extremely hot. Along with the pickapeppa the red devil sauce includes habanero peppers which are a very special pepper & also onions, ketchup, vinegar & allspice. The pickapeppa sauce is mainly found in Jamaica in the Caribbean. It does not mean that this sauce is not found in any other place in the Caribbean but Jamaica is the core of this sauce. Whoever has tasted this sauce has admitted a common thing about the sauce. They say that this sauce contains a secret spice secret & special type of spice which according to many people is Jamaicas homegrown hot peppers. These peppers are known as Scotch Bonnet peppers. If you want to taste many famous & delicious dishes such as the jerked chicken, fish, pork from the recipes of Jamaica, then you must use this sauce with these foods because otherwise your taste will not be fulfilled. As previously said there are some types of this famous sauce. The pickapeppa ginger mango sauce is made of ginger, mango & other spices. Its worth price is 3.45 dollars. That means you can buy this sauce very easily as it is so cheap. Another sauce is the pickapeppa spicy mango sauce. It consists of mango & other spices. Its worth price is also the same as that of the pickapeppa ginger mango sauce. There are other sauces available in other areas if the Caribbean but if you want to feel the taste of Jamaica then it is mandatory for you to taste the pickapeppa sauce. So if you come to Jamaica do not forget to Taste this sauce. Otherwise your tour of Jamaica will remain incomplete. Jamaica Things

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