Grilled Pork Chops With Pineapple Bbq Sauce

I have never eating a pork chop I didn’t like. The other day I was shopping at the store and saw some meaty pork chops. They were boneless with about a inch of fat on the outer edge. I knew because of their thickness that these would be great chops to marinade and grill. One of the best marinades for a good pork chop is acid. I love the use of fruit, it has the sweetness that I am looking for, plus the acidity that will help break down the fat tissue and make the chop nice and tender.

For this recipe I decided to go with pineapple. I knew I was planning on making some BBQ sauce once I got home, so I figured I would add the pineapple to the sauce and make a wonderful pineapple BBQ sauce. I was also going to use some of the juice from the pineapple to marinade the pork as well.

Once home, I got my pork and placed it into a foil pan to start the marinade. I seasoned the chops with salt, black pepper, garlic, cup Italian dressing and cup pineapple juice. I let the pork rest in the fridge for 1 hour.

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