Grilled Shrimp With Bacon And Lemon Pepper Bbq Sauce

I wanted to make something a bit more exotic one evening and as usual, wanted it to be quick. I was in the mood for some grilled shrimp. I decided to gather what I had around the house before I stepped out to the store. I have learned that if you use what you already have in your cabinets and fridge, then it forces you to become more creative.

In this case, I had shrimp and bacon, what a great combination. All I needed now was a really good dipping sauce. I knew I had some BBQ sauce and since I was using shrimp, I decided to add some lemon pepper to the sauce to make it bit more spicy and tangy.

Now lets first talk about shrimp and their different sizes. All of the numbers associated with shrimp may seem very confusing to you, but actually it’s pretty simple. All shrimp are given a number in accordance to their size. For example, if you buy 16/20 shrimp, that means that you can expect 16 to 20 shrimp per pound. If you are buying 21/25 or 40/50 then that is the approximate number of shrimp in a pound. For this recipe, I happen to be using 21/25 sized shrimp. These are a good medium size shrimp. Since we are going to wrap our bacon around the shrimp, this would be the smallest size that I would recommend.

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