Tasty Sauces to Spice Up Your Pizza

When making a pizza, which sauce will probably be the first decision you’ll make. It’s up to you whether it’s the overarching flavor, or a more well-balanced accent.

In Naples, which is where the best pizza comes from according to most food critics, a simple sauce is made from crushed San Marzano tomatoes, which are spread over the crust. You can buy canned ones at good grocery stores. Although they are expensive, the flavor is quite distinctive. If you buy whole tomatoes, drain and chop them first. Otherwise your crust will get soggy.

You can use your favorite marinara or ready-made pizza sauce from a can or jar to make a traditional pizza. The salty-sweet flavor of tomato is perfect with cured meats, artichokes, olives, and other bold flavors.

Italian cheeses are a perfect match too.

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Love, Spice and Secret Sauces

Pass me the basil, Basil.

Kitchens are havens for family and friend get togethers. The intimacy of sharing a work space and the promise of breaking bread with people you’re close to places the kitchen as the number one spot of the house that gets the biggest remodeling budget. It seems reasonable to assume that aside from the bedroom, couples spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house. Remodeling trends prove this out by the amount of homeowners who have knocked down interior walls to open the kitchen to the rest of the home. And we know that the kitchen is also a place for romance.dining by candlelight

This is a remodeling blog, but no one said we have to talk about structure and model numbers all the time. Remodeling is much more than that. Great remodeling is dreams realized, it’s subtle, it’s obvious, it’s amore’. Who of us has never seduced a lover with food? Who of us haven’t at least tried. Seduction comes in many forms, an enticing cologne, the soft light of table candles, a little skin showing on the shoulder and the Big Mama of them all, the come hither look. Hot dogs with chili sauce is sexy food if you follow them with the come hither look.

So how do you romance in the kitchen. First off make use of the shades and colors of your cabinets and walls, install adjustable lighting that can be dimmed after the food is served, a table set for two with just candles and room for a couple of plates and a glass of your favorite wine. Even in an open space you can find intimacy. Sexy food is a combination of smells and textures, tell me if a women sipping wine from a slim glass or a man ripping a baguette with nothing but his hands isn’t sensual, twirl a little pasta around your fork and slurp that last little noodle in and…. surrender to the moment.

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