Sinful Sauces Pickles and Spreads

One thing that can be said about Sinful Sauces is that as a brand they pretty much got everything right from the start, may it be in terms of presentation, originality and quality. Their range of “7 Deadly Sins” gorgeous chilli sauces (Envy, Bliss, Wrath, Wicked, Sublime, Addiction, Passion) caused quite a stir in the chilli world and we can see why. Thanks to a shrewd use of various spices, chillies and original flavours, Sinful Sauces managed to create seven hot sauces to die for ranging from mild & sweet to wild & savoury.

It wasn’t long before Sinful Sauces, which amazingly is composed of only two people, unflagging husband and wife Paul and Kelly, had to expand and make an even bigger name for themselves. Chilli chutneys as well as Chilli Peanut or Cashew Butters soon ensued, the last of their creation being chilli pickles which we are here to talk about.

Sinful Sauces Habanero & Cardamom is probably the chilli pickle that made the most noise in the chilli community and amongst our customers at the Devil’s Garden. This is not a “startup” chilli pickle in any way. This is craftsmanship at a whole other level. In our opinion cardamom is a spice that can really work in a dish but put too little or too much and you can destroy a whole dish in a matter of seconds. Kelly, a chef by trade, clearly spent some time refining the recipe of this Sinful Sauces Habanero & Cardamom until she got this little marvel of a chilli pickle. The fruity habanero works incredibly well with the cardamom and the texture is just right. You don’t need to be a real foodie to understand just by opening the 110ml jar and smelling the heady aroma of Sinful Sauces Habanero & Cardamom that you are onto a winner. All is left for you to do is take a spoon, a nice piece of bread and delve into a whirlwind of sensations although beware of the habanero burn that is bound to come back and bite you!

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