Summer Camp Ailments

Prevent lice, bites, stings and more.

Camp always was a fun way to spend the summer, but with so many kids running around without shoes or bug spray on, there’s no way your child is coming home scathe free. Here’s a list of 7 common ailments contracted at summer camp and how to prevent/cure them.

1. Head Lice

Head lice are about 3 mm long and have 6 legs. Nits are the eggs and are whitish in colour. Once they have reached their developmental stage they turn brown. Lice are spread from head to head contact. Regular head checks are a good way to avoid a larger problem as is keeping your community informed. There are also special shampoos that help to act as a preventative.

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Tips for a Summer BBQ

Have you been waiting all summer to host a BBQ party? If so, the time is now to plan your last event of the season. There is no reason to procrastinate any longer when planning and hosting a BBQ party is such as simple process. If you are interested in hosting a BBQ party keep the following tips in mind!

1. THE EVITE-Decide early on who you are going to invite to your party. This is important for a number of different reasons. Not only will your guest list dictate when and where you have your party, but it will do the same for the food that you offer. For most people, this is the logical first step for planning a summer BBQ party. To save money on invitations, consider using online invitations; nowadays, evite is a great way to invite your guests to any gathering! This is also a great way to keep track of everyone that is coming. Many online sites will keep an accurate up to date list of people attending. This will also save you money on postage!

2. THE MENU- Keep it simple but exciting! As you can imagine, there are many food and beverage options for a party of this magnitude. You can offer everything from barbeque chicken to barbeque ribs. Remember that some guests may not like barbeque, so you may want to include some more mainstream menu items as well. The internet is the perfect place to browse for lots of free summertime recipes. If you are going to tackle a new recipe, make sure you try it in advance. Remember, you can get as creative as you want when it comes to your food offerings.

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Summer is the Time For Grilling

No matter what climate you live in, it seems like summertime is the best time for firing up the grill and cooking up some meat, fish, or any assortment of side dishes. If you stroll through the prairie style house plans in your neighborhood any Saturday or Sunday around lunch or dinnertime, you’ll smell the unmistakable odor that fills the air. For those that use charcoal grills, you get that woody, smoky smell. For those that prefer gas, you simply get the smells of the food. Either way, it’s a glorious smell, and one that will likely evoke lots of memories over the years. After all, who hasn’t had a good time at a barbeque before? Grilling out is usually something you do when you get together with friends or family, so getting a whiff of that smell reminds you of hanging out with those that you love.

Even if you live far from the city in country living house plans, you still can grill out and have the smell waft through the air to your neighbor’s house. It’s amazing the communal feeling that you can get when you throw some steaks on the grill or skewer some shrimp to heat up. When you have a get together, it’s common practice for people to bring their own meat to bring to the “grillmaster,” usually the head of the household that is hosting. People will congregate around the grill with their favorite beverage in hand, enjoying the sun beating down on them and anticipating that first bite of whatever is cooking. Kids might be playing in the yard or paddling in the pool, and good conversation is to be had by all.

Grills are common just about anywhere, from smaller models that sit on apartment building balconies to massive behemoths that seemingly take up the whole deck of those with bungalow home plans. It seems grilling is something that both young and old enjoy doing, as there’s something satisfying about being able to prepare and serve grilled food to your family and friends. Don’t think it’s that popular? Just go to your local book store and check out the food section. You’ll find all sorts of grilling cookbooks, and you might just pick one up for your next get together!

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