Safely Grilling Near Trees

Summer is typically a season of relaxation with events like family reunions, vacations to the beach, and backyard barbecues. However, it’s important to be always aware of safety when it comes to grilling. Perhaps one of the most often overlooked aspects of grilling safety involves that done proximal to landscaping shrubbery and trees. If caution is not exercised, the landscapes we work so hard to achieve may be utterly destroyed in a comparatively short amount of time.

When it comes to grilling, it is important to make certain that sufficient distance is placed between the grill and surrounding objects. These objects may include a home, an outbuilding, such as a storage shed or barn, and overhanging limbs. For safety’s sake, it is widely recommended that there be at least 10 feet between the open flame of a grill and any surrounding objects.

Sufficient distance from the grill should also be applied to foot traffic. This includes anyone who is not directly responsible for grilling, children, and even pets. Each brings with it an element of the possibility for error with potentially disastrous results.

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