Yummy Grilling with Barbecue Rub

The rubs in Carolina are quite popular. The use of dry barbecue rub is the secret behind the great tats. They apply the rub onto the meat and it absorbs into the meat giving it an exquisite taste and essence. The purposes behind the use of rubs are seasoning the meat and its cure. For seasoning, it is mixed with the spices, herbs and oil before it is grilled. The rub is applied long before it is cooked for cure. The essential ingredients of rub are salt and pepper.

Before preparing the barbecue rub, do remember that it should change the overall taste of the meat. Rubs are always made of fresh ingredients. Only salt, garlic, onion, pepper and sugar can make the best of rubs. If you have paprika, cayenne bottles and other spices in your store, you have got the perfect ingredients to prepare an excellent rub for you.

Rubs are prepared with grounded herbs and powdered spices. Higher the salt content in your rub, the food tastes better. A barbecue rub has the capacity to change your ordinary dishes of beef, fish, and Meat in to a delicious one. To soften the beef, it is best marinate it with the rub overnight and store it in the refrigerator in an air-tight container. Always use the most finely grained salt as possible.

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