Types Of Barbecue Smoker

A lot of people think that smoking and grilling is the same, but they are not. Barbecue grills are used to cook food the fast way whilst barbecue smoker is used to cook it in a slower way, over low heat. Though time consuming, the product will come out so tender and it is definitely worth the wait. So if you are opting to purchase a barbecue smoker, first, you have to know the types of barbecue smoker available in the market today.

The first is the offset smoker. In this type, the fire is contained in a firebox separate from the smoke chamber. The smoke will then enter the smoke chamber, goes to the meat and exits the chamber through a chimney. Offset smoker is most often used in competitions.

Vertical smoker on the other hand is very easy and convenient to use. The smoke is created by putting water soaked wood chips on the heat source, located at the bottom. It also has a water pan sitting over the heat source. Above the water pan are two to three grates where you put the meat for smoking. The whole smoker is covered, with little vents at the top where smoke can flow through.

You can find in bbq reviews sites that kettle grills are common smokers found in almost every home. Although considered grills, they can also be set up for meat smoking by building charcoal fires to the sides of the smoker and by putting the meat not directly on the fire. Another grill that can also be a smoker is the propane grill. By putting water soaked wood chips to the heating element and placing the meat on the off side, the meat will be cooked by smoking. Just close the lid trap the smoke inside.

Another type is the insulated or ceramic smoker. This smoker is heavy, egg-shaped and retains heat well. The good thing is that it can cook all day with just a small amount of fuel. By reading bbq reviews, you will know that the down side is that you cannot smoke a lot of food at one time.

These are the types of smokers that you can choose from. You can also try checking out bbq reviews over the net to help you in deciding which type is best for you. The tip is to know your budget and how you are going to use the smoker to know which will really suit your needs.

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