Use Caution With Your Camping Stove When Camping In Australia

Most of us have enough difficulty cooking a meal in our fully decked out kitchens. When you go camping, most people will have some type of camping stove to use. If you are one who can whip up meals on a skillet over a campfire, then good for you. However, most of us will need to exercise some caution when using a camping stove. Always use the right kind of fuel for your stove.

Do not improvise or substitute some other type of fuel because a friend told you how great the other fuel is. Keep the fuel container away from heat and open flames. Make sure your stove has cooled down before attempting to change the fuel or to add more. When you do refill or replace a fuel cartridge, do it away from the campfire. Allow the liquid fuel that may spill to evaporate completely before you try to ignite the stove.

camping Australia can be an exciting and very rewarding. Be sure to follow these rules to ensure your camping trip avoids possible problems associated with your camping stove. When you ignite your stove, keep your head and body turned away in case there is a flare up of the fire. Absolutely, NEVER leave your camping stove unattended! In just one second, something could happen that could lead to a fire that you cannot control. Make sure never to overload the stove. Do not use the camping stove inside your tent. If it is raining, make do with cold food and avoid creating a situation where someone could get seriously hurt.

Read all instructions that come with your camping stove and make sure to dispose of the empty fuel containers properly. This does not mean throwing them away. Most fuel containers should be recycled for reuse. Keep your fuel containers away from food even when being stored. If you can follow these simple guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your camping in Australia.

Aren Williams
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