Wood Camp Stove

There are various ways to cook your food these days and propane and liquid fuel stoves top as the most popular appliances used for cooking if people want to save some electricity every day. These savings can add up to huge amounts but don’t forget that gas and fuel cost money as well. Cooking using wood to start the fire sounds like a primitive approach but it still has advantages if you try it out using a wood camp stove.

What is a Wood Camp Stove?

A wood camp stove falls in the category of portable camping stoves. The design resembles a chimney made out of a cut and bent piece of metal. Some holes are found at the bottom of the stove along with a larger hole on top so you can place a pot there and let the fire vent. You have to start the fire yourself and you must keep the fire burning by continuously adding wood. While this is an inconvenient way to control the fire compared to other types of stoves, you save even more money because these types of portable camping stoves are much cheaper and wood is easy to come by.

How to Use Wood Camp Stoves?

Collecting some tinder and wood pieces is the most essential step to get started because you will need plenty for the fire to burn continuously. You will even need more wood if you plan on using portable camping stoves during the winter season. Be sure to have a pocket knife on hand as well just in case you need to gather more wood. Other flammable substitutes can be used but it is best to prioritize wood. Place the tinder underneath the stove and place the wood pieces inside the stove upright.

If you are using twigs or branches, break them up into smaller pieces that measure under a centimeter. Avoid filling it up with too many wood pieces or else the air circulation will be affected and that will give the stove a harder time to burn.

Get a lighter or match and use it to ignite the tinder so you can start a fire. If you used wet wood, you may also need to blow directly into the wood camp stove. This is where you can finally cook your food where you need to simply place the pot with the food on top of the stove. However, your time is limited since the fire will stop once all of the wood is consumed. Therefore, you should have some extra wood ready so you can keep adding wood to prolong the burning.

Once you have gotten used to the first few steps, cooking with a wood camp stove is essentially the same. For instance, you need to get the fire burning for about 10 minutes straight if you want to boil some water. You just have to take the weather into account since you will be trying this cooking method outdoors. When you are finished, simply stop adding wood and that will act as the “off switch”.

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